GoDaddy guide to starting a business

GoDaddy guide to starting a business

GoDaddy guide to starting a business.

4 Steps Starting a Business Journey VideoAre you looking to make your own way? Get ready — starting a business is a wild ride.

For many entrepreneurs, the journey starts when they give their dream a name. Then comes all the other stuff involved with starting a business — like doing market research, writing a business plan, choosing the right business structure, creating a startup budget, figuring out funding, building a new brand, and creating an online presence.

Starting a business — the basics

Start with a reality check: Do you really have what it takes to be your own boss? Take our quiz to see if you’ve got the boss mentality.

Read up on the four stages of the entrepreneur journey for a holistic view of all that’s involved with starting a business, growing your venture, and managing it successfully.

Hint: a supportive community is key.


For inspiration, check out stories of other entrepreneurs in a variety of industries.

Then, get insights into unique business opportunities — from home business ideas to consulting ops to real estate ideas and more.

When you’ve zeroed in on a great business idea, dive into competitive and audience research to see if your idea has the legs it needs to make it in your market. Good to go?

Name it. Write a business plan. Look into the legal and funding steps you’ll need to take when starting your unique business.

Now’s when the fun begins — building your first brand assets (think logo, social media handles and professional email) and creating a snazzy website. It’s important to look like the pro you are when you’re starting a business.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes grit and determination. You’ve got that. The resources on this page can help with everything else.

Now, go make a dent in the universe.

Becoming an Entrepreneur